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 Caring for the Older person – Elder Care Essay Example

The caring of the older person requires much more than medication and treatment. Older adults want comfort and care to live a healthy life without unease and worries. Caring for the elderly in their own home is helpful in overcoming psychological and physiological problems.

It is not only one disease that affects the elderly, instead, but there are also many factors that need to get addressed while providing care. One of the main problems is the negligence faced by the older person in their old age. The students can take help from professional writing companies to finish their homework before the final submission date.

Birth, childhood, adulthood, and then old age are the most significant stages in a person’s life. Undoubtedly, all these stages have some troubles, and as a person gets old, physical strength and mental ability weaken.

Additionally, various health-related issues start developing, such as diabetes, heart failure, joint pains, and many more. There are multiple needs of the older person who needs to get addressed timely to provide them with supervision and adequate care. Irish students asking can anyone write my assignment can take help from expert writers.

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How to provide care to the elderly?

  • Coordinate caring services: It is beneficial to coordinate the services provided to adults in both formal and informal ways. Home care for the elderly includes that adults should get encouraged to make their own decisions.
  • Encourage them to socialize: Older adults who are socially active and spend time with friends are emotionally and physically healthier. If the elders do not have much of a social network, then children should spend time with them.
  • Help them with physical tasks: The caregivers help the elderly to tackle simple tasks and daily life activities. The students preparing for academic assignments on old age can outline 4 recommendations to improve quality care provision in a care setting for the elderly.

What is the importance of elderly care services?

Many times, older adults are subject to misuse from family members over business or property disputes. They get scared to express their needs with the fear of being humiliated by their loved ones. Like others, the elderly also desires a life with dignity, independence, and good health.

Care of the older person is beneficial to provide them with emotional and mental strength. The individuals who are not capable to give care and attention to the elders can trust caregivers. Though aging is a natural process, still, older people need adequate support and care from their loved ones.

By securing the home environment and providing a sense of belonging to the elderly, adults can ensure their good health. The caregivers providing services for the elderly should support them with their physical tasks.

It is the responsibility of the caregiver to fulfill all the needs and demands of the elderly. Older people need a safe environment so that they can share their happiness and urgent needs. It is essential to fulfilling the need for affection and social necessities of the elder people focusing on their social achievement.

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Sample on caring for the older person assignment

Title: How socio-cultural factors impact on aging?

Numerous social factors affect aging. The older people often face negligence due to which they lack in confidence. Many old aged people require home help in Ireland and demand adequate support to tackle life situations. Mental illness is quite common during the old age, but lack of social activeness makes the elderly completely dependent on family members. It is beneficial to focus on such factors that contribute to the health-related issues during the old age.

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