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Athlete Burnout Essay Sample

Burnout, in other words, can be expressed as fatigue. Athletes most of the time due to overexertion or due to any psychological reason can feel burnout. Healthcare experts, coaches, and athletic trainers should know about the burnout reasons and how can it hamper the performance of an athlete.

In the healthcare and medical courses of Ireland, students study athlete burnout that how a person due to fatigue is not able to perform in the sports. There are medical and psychological reasons as well and students of medical and healthcare should know all aspects related to it so the problem can be cured well.

Athlete Burnout Essay Sample

Students also get to work on the essay on athlete burnout to show their understanding of the topic to the Universities of Ireland. Different models work for knowing the precursors of burnout.

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Withdrawal of athletes from sports is most common because of burnout. As in sports athlete has to do a lot of hard work, have pain, and feel physically stressed, there is always a hidden subconscious desire to get the value out of it. In most cases, there is a lack of motivation to continue sports due to the absence of the awards one may get. Awards can be in the form of getting the opportunity to show the talent and improve the skills, increasing confidence due to good performance, team relationships, etc.

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The possible reasons for Burnout in Sports

  • Athlete burnout can also be due to psychological reasons. The reasons can be a lack of care, continuous decrement in performance, or a sense of lack of accomplishments. So the psychological reasons can create stress in an athlete’s mind which demotivates them and create self-doubt due to which they withdraw from sports.

There can be external factors also which initiate the withdrawal symptoms like the environment one may face in the sports, the interaction of the athlete with others, etc.

  • In young athletes especially if they are having specialization in one game and have year-round training, burnout can easily happen. Specialization is considered to be effective in terms of increasing one’s potential to do the best in a particular sport.

Sometimes there is a continuous demand for practice; time and energy, there can also be pressure to win the small tournaments to reach the main goal. Therefore the ability to get socialization often decreases and may create an excluded feeling inside the athlete. At that time when an athlete cannot get any social relationships, there can be a feeling of demotivation. Especially at the time of pressure of performing well athlete needs motivation and support and the absence of it can eventually lead to the burnout situation.

  • There are also some individual factors like lots of expectations from the self and striving for perfection and success can be unrealistic sometimes. Consequently, one may feel burnout with continuous disappointments. Even those athletes who are dependent on someone emotionally and feel sensitive about criticism are more prone to feel burnout. The inability to tackle stress and anxiety also decides the vulnerability of the athlete to feel burnout situation.

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Symptoms of Burnout

Most of the symptoms are undetectable and unobvious and require prolonged observation.

  • There are some physical symptoms like less sleep, decreasing body weight at an abnormal rate, low energy, injuries, etc. These can be mostly due to the high demand for energy and the time of an athlete.
  • Psychological signs can be prolonged depression, feeling isolation, inability to deal with stressful situations, inability to interact with people, lack of concentration, frequent changes in mood, hypertension, and inability to deal with the normal problems of life


There should be a clear idea and awareness of the problem. Prevention is better than cure. An athlete should get regular counseling to maintain a positive attitude during sports. Athletes by themselves should understand that short-term and realistic goals can boost performance and motivation. The authorities from the sport should regularly give feasible feedback.

There can be physical and mental relaxation therapies that may help the athlete to curb stressful situations. There should be some social networking or support groups so the athlete doesn’t feel any isolation. Parents and friends also play a very important role in motivating the person. Coaches should not follow strict actions rather they can follow the interpersonal relations with the sports student.

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