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National Healthy Childhood and Nurture Programme Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample work shall highlight the National Healthy Childhood Programmes and Nurture Programmes- Infant Health and Wellbeing Programme for young children and infants in Ireland.

We will first discuss briefly the Nurture Programmes – Infant Health and Wellbeing Programme in Ireland. It will point out the aims of the Nurture Programmes about the holistic development of young children and care.

National Healthy Childhood Nurture Programmes Essay Sample

Nurture Programmes – Infant Health and Wellbeing  

The Nurture Program is an Infant Health and Wellbeing Programme in Ireland that was launched on 23rd May 2016 as a result of a partnership between the Health Service Executive and the Centre for Effective Services.

This nurturing program is already based on pre-established child healthcare programs. It aims at strengthening the health of a child through an integrated child health and wellbeing service for children aged between 0-2 years of age and their parents.

The overall aim of this program is to support the parents and health carers who provide care services to young babies or young toddlers in the initial years of their life.

There are almost about 70,000 babies who are born in Ireland each year who requires the best care from such programs. It improves the relationship between children and their families which is the primary focus of the nurture program.

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The Nurture Programme – Infant Health and Wellbeing aims to –

  • Develop a new website for the healthcare staff and parents who can easily get access to health and wellbeing information of children. This information can be utilized by healthcare providers and parents when they need it.
  • Such programs provide easy access to the Child Safety Awareness Programme. It guards against any accidental deaths and any unintentional injuries caused to the babies and infants.
  • It helps in developing standards for antenatal education and adequate resources to support the delivery of such education.
  • This program provides any such advice and information to people who are planning to get pregnant so that they can give their child the best possible care.
  • It provides additional information to the mothers who are breastfeeding their babies.
  • Training is provided to the health care professionals to be able to identify the needs of parents. They are given support, advice, and guide, and easy access to any information. Such programs give specialist services when needed.
  • This program promotes the mental health of infants, creating a bond with babies by improving the parents and child communication by supporting the baby’s early learning and development.

It can ensure a high-quality record in Ireland that can identify the needs of the children consistently and develop the future of electronic records.

  • It promotes a process of usability testing which involves the public health nurses who can use the health records of children with families to give feedback. It helps in the proper assessment of children and families who give useful feedback to improve the record.

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National Healthy Childhood Programme 

There are two national groups in Ireland that with the help of a multi-disciplinary representation have been working to update the program from the year 2014. This program is called National Healthy Childhood Programme.

Following are the aims of the National Healthy Childhood Programme:-

  • To acknowledge the importance of health by playing a significant role in the health of a child and their wellbeing.
  • It highlights the importance of maternal mental health and its development.
  • It shall enhance the role of the parents in the development of a child and holistic growth and the child health care program is based on the model of progressive universalism.
  • It has an aim to identify the issues related to a child’s development to ensure an early intervention to improve the health outcomes for children.
  • The new or updated program is willing to make developments in the implementation of the newborn hearing screening programs to promote health and prevent any adverse outcomes.
  • Such health programs are implemented in various stages with a considerable amount of research, planning, and reviewing to update the current program.

It ensures effective delivery of care services across the different care settings by making effective use of resources and strengths.  Such a program will align with the HSE policies and strategies including staff engagement.

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The above-written essay sample has discussed broadly National Healthy Childhood Programme and Nurture Programmes.

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