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Personal health interventions in the workplace  Essay Example

The health and safety of individuals are an enormous contributors to get success in the workplace. The occupational health and safety essay does not imply there are not any hazards in the workplace. Instead, it shows that no one has psychological problems, drug problems, disease, and many more.

Personal health interventions in the workplace  Essay Example

Personal health interventions in the workplace extend beyond the boundaries of the worksite. The families of the individuals working in the workplace get impacted by health practices. The college students of Ireland can take help from the environmental health and safety essay sample for preparing academic papers.

What are the reasons for maintaining personal health in the workplace?

If personal health practices in the workplace are worst, then employees will not stay there for a long time. It makes it essential to maintain effective personal health in the workplace, which adds value to productivity. Moreover, Child Health and well-being (5N1765) shows the importance of maintaining personal health in the workplace:

  • The productivity of any organization is related to the health and safety of the individuals. Proper health practices safeguard the productivity of an organization’s workforce.
  • If the personal health of the workforce is unhealthy, then it can affect the quality, quantity, and productivity in the workplace.
  • Proper health practices maintain the health of individuals within the workplace and thus protect human rights. The students of Ireland can define employee well-being theories during their college essay writing tasks.
  • There is a direct relation between the quality of the workforce and the quality of services produced. Thus non-maintenance of personal health can lead to poor quality services.
  • The production of lower quality of products can make the customers unhappy, which raises the high level of complaints from the customers.
  • The consequences of not maintaining personal health can range from expensive payouts in the workplace.
  • The sick or injured person in the workplace cannot produce high-quality work as achieved by normal workers. Thus not maintaining the signs of a healthy work environment can lead to lower productivity levels.
  • If the quality of the production does not get addressed, then it can lead to loss of customers and after some time loss in revenues.

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Strategies useful to manage personal health interventions in the workplace

Each workplace is dynamic and has different conditions for the worksite. Therefore, the approach used to manage the health of individuals in the worksite should also vary. The 10 workplace rules for a happy life should include concise plans to address the health-related hazards and expose the accidents which can occur in the workplace. Four Point Workplace program is beneficial for health management in the worksite, which includes four elements:

  • Employee and committee involvement: By setting an individual policy, the management team or even a manager can lead to health intervention. Moreover, by assigning supportive responsibilities, the management team can prevent personal health in the workplace.
  • Analysis of worksite: For writing a job site safety essay, it is beneficial to analyze the workplace for identifying existing and potential hazards continuously.
  • Prevention and Control of hazard: There exist specific methods for preventing and controlling the potential risks in the workplace.
  • Training for workplace team: The employees, managers, and supervisors must get training to understand the worksite hazards.

personal health safety in the workplace essay Example

Title: Whose is responsible for maintaining health and safety in the workplace?

Health practices should be a part of the human resource strategy. Only one person is not responsible for maintaining health interventions; instead, it is the responsibility of the supervisors, managers, and employees to maintain a healthy environment. Worksite managers should possess an attitude towards safety practices and developing health and safety in workplace assignments. The employer, as well as employees, is responsible for ensuring that the worksite is healthy for all the employees.

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