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Barriers to effective supervision in childcare Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall focus on the barriers to effective supervision in childcare,  and the purpose of good and effective supervision.

Active supervision of children in early childhood care is important for the child’s overall personal growth and development. It improves the physical, mental, social, and intellectual well-being of children. There are many supervisory techniques to control and supervise children’s activities and their learning.

Barriers to effective supervision in childcare Essay Sample 

Effective supervision in childcare could help children to have a safe and a responsive environment. Where their personal needs could be taken care of by the supervisor and are protected from any immediate risk or danger of life. Supervision also helps the educators to have a healthy and a strong relationship with the children and their parents.

Barriers to Childcare supervision and effective ways to deal with childcare supervision problems 

There could be many barriers to effective childcare supervision and some of them are enlisted below:-

Lack of communication between supervisors and children is a problem in childcare

The important barrier that may affect supervision in childcare is a lack of communication skills. This communication gap could be between the supervisor and children and the parents of the supervisor. This could lead to ineffective supervision in childcare.

Children need to be encouraged by their teachers and parents to speak and voice their opinions but due to a lack of awareness or hesitation, they might find it difficult to express themselves.

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Supervisor needs to be friendly, transparent and conscious with children while communicating to them. They must promote open debates, class discussions, and delivering a self-made speech in front of others as it would boost their confidence.

Likewise, they must also maintain a good communication level with the children’s parents as well so that they could keep a close track of the child’s growth.

A good communication skill is the key to learning, growth and development of an individual child at any stage of his life.

Insufficient proper training of the supervisor and staff creates an ineffective  childcare supervision 

One of the barriers that could create hindrance in effective supervision in childcare is a lack of training of the staff.

When proper induction or orientation training is not provided to the employees then it creates a lack of understanding in the mind of newcomers about the processes and system in the organization.

Proper, clean, safe and free from any health hazard training equipments and tools must be provided to the employees and the supervisor to perform their job.

Training to be given properly to handle children with care as it is not a very simple task. Childcare employees need to be trained in creating a positive environment and attitude inside and outside of the classroom as well.

Classroom arrangements, furniture furnishings, the safety of equipment, study material arrangements, etc are some of the tasks of the supervisor.

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The lack of a safe environment for children physically and emotionally is a major barrier to childcare supervision 

An effective barrier in childcare supervision is a lack of safe and secured environment for children. Children have mostly two regular environments one is home and the other is school. They need to have a healthy & peaceful environment in both the respective environments.

The family arrangement should be such so that the children feel accommodating and they feel that their voice is heard and value is given to them. Constant quarreling and fights could badly effect the child’s mental health and awareness.

A child is more vulnerable outside the environment of his home. The childcare supervisor is responsible for providing safety to children physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.

They need to make children aware of their rights and about threats to their lives. He or she must closely monitor the activities of each child especially when they are playing outside in the playground or anywhere outside.

Safety of equipments used by the children for playing or learning purpose, their hygiene, and safety issues or concerns should also be discussed with their parents by the supervisor.

Lack of Management of time by the childcare supervisor  could lead to supervision barriers in childcare 

Supervisors in childcare usually are engrossed with multiple tasks and they need to deliver their work fast and which reduces their productivity level. In order to manage tasks one needs to manage time and this process is called time management.

A poor allocation of tasks amongst the childcare employees and a bad time management at work could cause a serious loss in children’s learning and growing phase. The overall development of children gets massively affected as a result of poor time management.

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Lack of trust and understanding between supervisor, childcare staff, and children is a childcare supervision problem

A lack of trust and understanding is a major barrier to smooth functioning of supervision in childcare. Sometimes, due to a rigid and a not so flexible mindset and an attitude, the children do get scared to trust their mentor.

One should have a friendly and happy attitude towards the children and must make them feel comfortable by trying to win their confidence. Trust is built over a period of time and so is the understanding between a supervisor and children. Without this element, effective childcare supervision becomes a tough task.

Purpose of an effective childcare supervision 

  • Good supervision promotes the general welfare of the children and their growth.
  • It provides coaching and training to the employees in the best interests of the children.
  • Good supervision leads to collectively effective teamwork by group members. It develops their confidence and maintains competency. It helps in the management of the team.
  • It gives a detailed role of the supervisor and his responsibilities. It tells what a child supervisor should do in order to establish, review and maintain quality and standards in a childcare setting.
  • It analyses the role and responsibilities of a supervisor and creates self-awareness.
  • Helps in the creation of policies and plan and their implementation strategies to overcome problems and challenges.
  • Childcare supervisors have the best knowledge of the current legislation related to any child policies and guidelines to effectively manage childcare supervision.

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The above essay sample has been written for the QQI Level 5 and 6, and for Childcare students. This sample has focused on the several barriers to effective supervision in childcare and childcare supervision problems faced by them.

This essay can be read to understand the effective ways for childcare supervision and how to ensure it and to deal with supervision barriers in childcare and elaborating or explaining childcare supervision problems.

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