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Role and Responsibilities of Childcare Staff under After School Childcare Services Essay Sample 

This essay sample shall focus on the role and responsibility of the after-school childcare assistant or childcare staff.

When both the parents are busy in their respective jobs and do not find any time for picking up and dropping the child at school. If they cannot find any quality time for their children it affects their growth and development.

Role and Responsibilities of Childcare Staff under After School Childcare Services Essay Sample 

In such a scenario, parents opt for placing their children under the supervision, care, and guidance of the school-aged childcare service. It provides a safe and secure environment for the children during non-school hours.

Apart from ensuring health and safety to the children, it provides numerous opportunities to grow and learn to be independent.

It helps the children to play and rest and to socialize with other children and grow strong bonds of friendships. It improves the social and interpersonal skills of children by allowing them to develop new skills and interests.

Children are instructed to be more participative in the physical and sports activities in a childcare setting and are encouraged to be competitive. Proper homework assistance is also provided to the children.

Children as a result of harnessing these skills develop a greater level of confidence, self-esteem, and become more responsible and accountable for their actions.

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Role and Responsibilities  of After School Childcare Assistants  

After-school childcare assistants have the role and responsibility of providing the school-aged children with proper provision for health and safety. It promotes the mental, physical, social, and emotional health of the children and children with additional needs.

Proper outdoor space for playing and ensuring health, safety, and hygiene 

Childcare staff or after-school childcare assistant provides enough outdoor space for playing and rest. Children doing outdoor activities must be under the constant supervision of the carer.

They must provide the children with additional needs with proper facilities like wheelchairs to improve their mobility. It is also the responsibility of the childcare staff to ensure fire safety along with evacuation facility and providing immediate first aid kit in case of any emergency.

The equipment must be safely stored after cleaning so that it does not harm any child.

Food that is served to the children must be first checked for its quality standards, safety, and hygiene. It must be nutritious and nonprocessed. Proper safety and hygiene practices must be encouraged by the staff on the premises.

Homework facility for the children 

A facility with an appropriate environment for learning and activities must be provided to the children. Children must be given homework support and facility after school hours.

A peaceful and comfortable area or environment must be provided to ensure homework assistance with the help of supportive adults. Staff also accompanied children to their school and bring them back from school.

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Organizing play activities for the children 

The daily assistant or carer must provide a valuable opportunity for the children to learn from playing. They conduct and organize many play activities to keep the children engaged and also supervise their outdoor plays and activities.

They help the children in making choices with books, solving puzzles, and playing with the right toys for the children to positively reflect upon themselves.

Many play activities are organized to help children in nurturing their mathematical, language, and scientific skills. They learn from playing and through their personal experience become more creative and innovative.

Encouraging positive interaction in the children 

The childcare setting encourages positive interaction between the children. They must have a calm, supportive, positive, and friendly approach toward the children.

Childcare staff must actively engage with children individually to offer them support and must cater to their personal needs by not being discriminatory.

Providing a positive and respectful environment is the prime responsibility of the childcare staff.

After School Childcare assistants must be skillful and qualified for the post

Childcare staff also have the responsibility to be appropriately knowledgeable, qualified for the post along with practical skills. It ensures the proper discharge of duties on the part of after school childcare assistant.

They must have personal skills of remaining alert in every situation. And must solve the issues as early as possible by adhering to the problems of the children.

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The above essay is based on the role and responsibilities of childcare staff or after-school childcare assistants.

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