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Paediatric Early Warning Score Chart (PEWS) Essay Sample  

This essay sample shall deal with the paediatric early warning score chart, its purpose, and the way to prepare the Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) Chart.

The nurses and other clinical healthcare staff members at the paediatrics centres are supposed to use the standardized paediatric early warning score chart along with training to cater to the needs of the child.

Paediatric Early Warning Score Chart (PEWS) Essay Sample

PEWS score helps in the early detection and intervention of sick patients and management of deterioration in children.

Paediatric Early Warning Score Chart (PEWS) includes certain observation categories while providing a care treatment to young children and infants.

The National Paediatric Early Warning Score was introduced to improve the communication of the health status of a deteriorating child from one health board to another.

There are fourteen early warning scoring charts that are used for recording the score differently. The staff and carers are also recorded to avoid any concerns.

The regular assessment of recording is very important for the early detection of signs of serious illness or deterioration by providing necessary information for the child’s illness and his response to the treatment.

Early recognition of any serious illness and neurological problems or respiratory issues will prevent the majority of cardiac arrests reducing the risk of mortality and morbidity.

The child’s clinical status must be determined through a combination of situation awareness and monitoring observations of the child that must be shared with other staff members as well.

Frequent observation or monitoring is required for the children going through serious and high-risk treatments. For example – Radiotherapy, blood transfusion, chemotherapy, and other forms of therapies are needed to be observed.

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Purpose of Early Warning Score Chart 

Every set of clinical observations must be scored with the help of the paediatric early warning system and appropriate action must be taken on the PEWS chart.

Paediatric Early Warning Score chart is especially meant for the purpose of identification of the changing trends in the observations and if there is any non-progress or decline in trend then such concerns must be escalated to the concerned staff. The trends can be identified on the PEWS chart by the dots on it which are connected by straight lines.

These recordings of observation must be made by the assistant practitioners, nursing students, and healthcare support workers who are trained under the guidance and supervision of a registered nurse.

The nurse verifies the observation and the clinical staff escalates or informs the concerned staff when any serious observation is made requiring personal attention.

A patient who meets the trigger score will activate the tool and medical assessment must follow the escalation plan.

If a child’s observation score is 1 or above on the PEWS chart then the child must be reviewed as per the escalation guide. A plan of action is required to include the clinical interventions and investigation and the child needs to be reassessed.

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How to prepare the PEWS chart

The Paediatric Early Warning  Score chart is based on the observation chart where each assessment includes certain parameters that need to be met. It includes the heartbeat rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, consciousness level, family concern, and capillary refill time.

The child’s observation should be recorded onto the age-appropriate paediatric early warning score chart which will include the details of the child, year, and the expected frequency of observations.

The Frequency of Observations indicates the set of observations on admission to the paediatric care centre which is being documented on any chart and any alteration is made when needed.

It includes clinical judgement and awareness of the condition of the child and nursing decisions based on the escalation guide.

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The above sample is written on paediatric early warning score chart based on the early warning system and its relevancy in the treatment of young children and infants.

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