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Social Policy for Childcare Essay Sample 

The following essay sample will focus on the Irish Government’s social schemes and policies for childcare. Social Policies are the initiatives that are an important part of an early childhood setting. It plays a key role in children and their families’ lives for their welfare and well-being. These are the specific following guidelines, principles, and legislation related to the childcare sector. These policies are formulated by the government of any country to focus on child welfare, development, and quality of living. It should be made in the best interests of the children.

Social Policy for Childcare Essay Sample 

The formal introduction of Early childhood care and education scheme has transformed the national social policy. It is about the provision of childcare as for the first time, the objective of the investment was the impact on children.

Social schemes and programs policy for childcare (Ireland) 

The Irish government aims to improve engagement across the early learning and care and school-age childcare sector. It includes raising awareness of the services and training on offer. The Budget of 2017 announced a radical design of the national children’s strategy and delivery of quality childcare services and support. It made the services accessible and affordable for families in Ireland.

Some of the National schemes and programs policy for childcare by the Irish government are:-

The National Childcare Scheme

The National Childcare Scheme is a national childcare strategy that provides financial support for parents towards childcare costs. It provides subsidized rates of childcare services and education.

This scheme improves  outcomes for the children

It reduces the poverty

It facilitates labour activation

It tangibly reduces the cost of childcare for thousands of families

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The Community Childcare Subvention Plus Program

It is a program where the childcare programs are targeted to support parents on a low income to reduce childcare costs at participating community childcare services. The department pays for a portion of the childcare costs for eligible children, a payment described as a subvention payment, with the parent paying the remainder.

The Community Childcare Subvention Plus Programme is only available through participating communities, not-for-profit childcare services. The service provider gives an application for CCSP on behalf of the parent to the department.

Training and Employment Childcare

Training and Employment Childcare Programme is a child care program funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. It is specifically designed to support parents or guardians on eligible Education and Training Board training courses and certain categories of parents returning to work by providing subsidized childcare places. The Training Employment Childcare Programme provides childcare support for parents on certain education and training courses.

It is also for the parents working on Community Employment Programmes and families on Family Income Support.

Educational Programmes in Ireland 

The Early Child Care Education Programme is stated, and data are provided to show benefits are being realized, including improving communication and oral language competence of young children in ECCE settings. It is their readiness to develop early mathematical language and ideas. It is an important service provided, and the stated benefit is clearly outlined below:

  • Early Years Education -focused inspection. 

It is carried out in Early years services participating in the ECCE program, which provides a period of free early childhood care and education for children before they start school.

During inspections, the quality of the nature, range, and appropriateness of the early education experiences for children participating in the ECCE program is evaluated. The main activity of an EYEI inspection is the observation, by the inspector, of processes and practices relating to children’s learning in one or more earning rooms or areas in the early year settings.

At the end of each inspection, a written report is sent to pre-school inspectors outlining the findings and providing advice on how education provisions can be further developed or improved.

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  • Qualifications of education providers 

Irish regulation requires all preschool staff to have a minimum certificate of Level 5 of the National Framework of Qualifications or equivalent as deemed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

DCYA requires evidence of completed program of learning certificate with 0-6 years old child development, child health and welfare, and evidence of professional practice in the early years setting.

  • Purpose of Qualifications 

Changes in qualifications and qualification levels of those working in the early year’s sector are not intended. The intended outcome is the acquisition of skills and knowledge they require to work effectively in this sector. It states the qualification of the staff testimony to their capacity to deliver appropriate program content.

The capacities of those working in this sector have increased. An effective educational program surely influences the relationship between quality of service and higher qualifications.

Single Affordable Childcare Scheme

This scheme was announced as a part of the Budget 2017. It targets both universal and targeted childcare provisions for low-income households. It has replaced existing schemes from 2017 (but not ECCE).

The new universal scheme, CIB submission, noted issues with parents and for childcare providers. This scheme is developed and rolled out across Ireland in 2017. It includes :

  • Monitors the quality of childcare (pay and conditions of workers) as the sector becomes increasingly subsidized, the necessity for an increased focus on the best practice childcare and related investment in training and education.
  • The need for greater investment in childcare services to cater to the increased demand that the scheme brings and not assume private providers will have sufficient places to meet his demand. This may be relevant in more sparsely populated areas where the core funding has been removed from community providers. This scheme will reduce the cost of parents.

National Childminders

Childminders are defined as self-employed person who minds other people’s children in their own homes. They offer flexible services by helping parents or guardians to balance their work and family commitments.

Childminders negotiate on his own terms and conditions, but the primary importance is of child welfare. They have the sole responsibility at all times for the health, safety, and wellbeing of each child entrusted to their care.

Under the National Childcare Strategy 2006 – 2010, the National Guidelines for the Childminders intend to guide good practices to assist childminders.

In August 2019, the Minister launched the Childminding Action Plan for public consultation. It sets out a proposal for improving access to high-quality and affordable early learning and care and school-age childcare through childminding.

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The above sample essay is written to guide the students studying in Irish colleges and institutes. This essay mainly highlights the social policies, procedures, and schemes made by the Irish government for the child care sector. It could help the childcare development, wellbeing, law students, and QQI Level 5 QQI level 6 students in their college essays and assignments. It can help in social policy assignments and the importance of social policy intervention assignments given in the colleges. It also highlights the legal and policy frameworks in childcare.

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