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Equality and Diversity in Childcare Setting Essay Sample Ireland

This sample shall focus on the promotion of equality and diversity in a childcare setting.

It will also include the various practices by the carers to promote inclusion and diversity in the early years and the aims of an inclusion charter of Ireland.

Equality and a diverse approach toward children promote an appropriate environment for learning and development. There shall not be any discrimination on the grounds of a child’s faith, race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation of parents, marital status, or background.

Equality and Diversity in Childcare Setting Essay Sample Ireland

All the children in a childcare setting must not be given any unfair treatment and their rights must be protected. Equal opportunities must be provided to each child regardless of his background.

Children with additional needs require an inclusion system of education for catering to their individual interests and goals.

Similarly, there should be a promotion of inclusion and diversity in a childcare setting. Children must study in a social and culturally diverse education setting for their development.

They must engage in activities with the other children belonging to different linguistic and cultural groups. This helps the children to learn cultural values, adaptability, and social practices which make their learning experience better.

Learning in a culturally diversified classroom helps the children to gain confidence, social awareness, knowledge, skills, and social development of children.

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Practices by childcarers to promote inclusion and diversity in early years setting 

  • Equal treatment of children by carers in a classroom setting. They are given complete independence and their religion, belief, and cultural differences from other children must be respected.
  • Childcare providers must teach and make children aware of social-cultural diversified groups and their differences from each other. This will help children to learn about various cultures and create mutual respect in a setting.
  • Carers must organize celebrations of festivals and cultural events in the childcare setting to promote healthy relationships amongst children.
  • They must ensure that all the children regardless of their gender and special needs are given toys to play.
  • Children must be encouraged by their carers to create positive role models in their life.

All children must be instructed to participate in different kinds of social interactive activities. Such as dramas, role play, taking part in quizzes, fancy dress competitions, debates, etc.

  • Carers must work in collaboration with the childcare agencies and parents to enhance the learning process of children.
  • Children must be helped to develop new skills like learning a  language, creating communication skills, learning to play a sport, and learning a new subject.
  • Generating an inclusive system of education for children with special needs. In this setting, children with disabilities are taught in regular classrooms with other children.

Equal opportunity to learn and education must be provided to all the children irrespective of their physical and intellectual disability.

  • Encouraging children to engage in activities at their own initiative to identify their individual qualities to relate with other children in the class.

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Aims of Inclusion Charter for early years in Ireland  

An Inclusion charter of Ireland covers equality, diversity, and inclusion in a childcare setting. It provides equal opportunities to all the children irrespective of their differences and inclusion of such differences in a setting.

Some of the aims of the Inclusion charter in a childcare setting are:-

  • Identifying the needs of the children, their social-cultural identity of children, and their sense of belongingness to a particular community or group.
  • Aistear guide in Ireland drafts and implements a curriculum syllabus for children to identify their individual interests, abilities, and skills.
  • Inclusion charter ensures smooth functioning and transitional phase of a child from his home to a childcare education setting.

Parents are the first educators and guide in a child’s life so the children are highly attached to them.

He finds his comfort zone at home with his parents so he does not want to leave the environment at home and move to a new one. This process of transition requires time and may vary from one child to another.

  • This charter ensures the safety, welfare, security, and overall development of children. It helps in the social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development of a child.
  • Equal participation is promoted for all children in every aspect of the curriculum to develop their learning abilities and social skills.

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The sample mentioned above is based on equality, diversity, and inclusion in the childcare environment setting.

This essay sample can be read in the light of Irish acts like Equal Status Act, 2000, Equality Act, 2004, Equality Act, 2010, Disability Act, 2005 (children with disabilities to be not discriminated against and given equal opportunity of education and equal treatment in a childcare setting), Education Act, 1998, Education (Welfare) Act, 2000.

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Childhood equality and diversity guidelines, inequality issues in a childcare setting, promotion of equality and inclusion in education, early childhood education approaches, etc are a few topics that can be written with the above sample reference.

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