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Recruit, Motivate and provide Feedback to Staff during Childcare Supervision Essay Sample 

The following essay sample is written with the purpose of understanding the recruitment process, childcare staff motivation, and providing constructive feedback on their performance by the childcare supervisor. The essay will deal with a recruit, motivating, and providing feedback to staff during childcare supervision.

Recruit, Motivate and provide Feedback to Staff during Childcare Supervision Essay Sample 

First, we will discuss the selection and recruitment process of childcare employees by the child supervisor.

Recruitment or selection process of the childcare staff during childcare supervision 

The process of selection and recruitment of childcare employees must be fair and transparent. The rights of the employees must be safeguarded by the Equality in Employment Act 1998 and the other Equality legislation in Ireland. The recruitment process follows transparency and justice to be in the best interests of the children.

The childcare services are primarily responsible for the fair recruitment process of childcare employees. Proper recruitment policy and procedures are to be followed for this process.

These are the following process while recruiting staff in childcare:-

1. Job Description 

The job description is made before it is advertised or posted for inviting candidates for application. It could include descriptive details like the job title, job location, purpose of the job, area of the job, person specification, person to report work, roles and duties attached with the job position, etc.

2. Advertisement of the job for the public

Such a job is made available to the public through advertisement and displays on the online job portals, employment newspapers, and advertisements on various job application websites.

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In this segment, a much more detailed requirement and description of the job is being mentioned. Apart from the previous details mentioned under the job description. It also requires details of the qualifications and work experience required to apply for the post along with the closing date for application.

3. Shortlisting of the candidate’s applications 

The next step of the recruiting process is the shortlisting or reviewing of applications of the candidates. Shortlisting panel reviews the desired candidates’ applications for the job by matching their profiles with the job profile requirements. If the candidate’s profile matches the job profile then they may be called for an interview round.

A regret letter is being sent to the candidates who are not selected for the next level of the recruitment process.

4. Interview process of desired candidates for the job

The interview panel must have at least a minimum member of three along with that one member of the management committee. One other member from the shortlisting panel. The interview panel may also include someone from outside of the organization. For instance, someone from the Childcare or Supervision Committee.

Interview questions are already set on the basis of the job role that is being offered to the candidates. A score sheet of the candidate’s score in the interview along with a detailed report of the interview process is being made and kept separately for further reference and process.

The job position is offered to the candidate with the highest marks obtained in the interview and the job references are checked along if any.

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5. A Garda Declaration signed by the selected candidate

After an interview process, when a candidate is selected for the job. He needs to sign A Garda Declaration clearance which is important for all the new joiners. If it is not possible then a declaration showing no previous ground of crimes or criminal record in the past must be signed by the candidates. As a criminal could be a direct threat or risk to children. Later the personal identification and documentation of candidates must be done.

6. Employment Contract is drafted for the selected candidates

An employment contract is being prepared for the new employees of childcare. This employment contract in a simple language can also be called a joining letter. This contract contains details of the job position like –

The joining date, duration of employment, conditions and terms of employment, proposed salary, number of working hours, annual paid leaves or unpaid leaves, probation period, health and other benefits.

7. Orientation and induction programme for new joinees 

Induction of an orientation programme is being conducted for the new joinees or employees. This programme will be conducted to give a detailed view and information about the job role and organizational goals.

The existing employees are introduced to the new joinees or employees during the induction period. Terms and conditions including the code of conduct of employees are also discussed in this period. Salary scales, perks, benefits, and a detailed explanation of policy and procedures of childcare service are provided by the childcare supervisor.

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The Motivation of Staff during Childcare Supervision 

Childcare employees’ motivation in the early years is a very important task as it has a huge influence on the child’s overall development and learning. Staff motivation creates a healthy and safe environment for the children as well as it impacts their growth and development.

Childcare employees could be motivated during supervision by recognizing their efforts, considering their contribution and discharge of duties, providing new challenges in their job regularly, etc. Positive motivation is a very effective tool to generate the productivity of the staff and boosting of staff morale and confidence.

Some of the ways through which staff in childcare could be motivated during the childcare supervision are:-

  • Employees must be involved in the major decision-making process of the organization. Their opinions must be valued and importance must be given to them.
  • The information must be shared regularly with the employees to inform them of management and organization and its importance.
  • Help them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and provide them with training and coaching to work on them.
  • Providing variety and challenges in their job as will give them the opportunity to explore their potential. Challenging jobs take away the monotony of work and keep the job interesting.
  • Getting in personal talk with the employees and understanding their individual needs as it would make them feel valued and they may turn out to be an asset to the organization.
  • Praising and recognizing of work by giving appraisals, a safe and healthy atmosphere at work, salary, perks, and timely promotion in the job could boost the confidence and morale of the staff.
  • Constructive criticism must be given for the mistakes committed by the staff that helps in positive motivation at work.

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Providing constructive feedback to staff during childcare supervision 

Giving constructive feedback on staff performance while supervising them also helps in motivating the employees. It also improves their skills at job and children also remains happy in their company.

(1). Employee reviews

Scheduling such reviews is very important if conducted every month or on a quarterly basis. This is an honest, constructive, and transparent way of feedback. Feedback could be two ways for employees and child supervisors so that their opinions are valued.

(2). Feedback must be clear and honest

Any such feedback on childcare employees’ performance is not based on the personal opinion of the supervisor or manager rather it is most professional feedback. Feedback must be unbiased, clear, and honest and must be given on the basis of performance.

(3). Face to Face Feedback 

Written feedback may not be very effective for childcare employees. Honest and truthful review or feedback of performance is only possible when met in person. This gives a clear idea to the employee of the feedback without any ambiguity in thoughts.

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(4). Considering the performance of own

While reflecting upon the performance of employees, the childcare supervisor, owner, manager or administrator must introspect and assess their own performances at work. When the childcare employees do not meet the expectations of the supervisor then one must judge his own actions that must have impacted employees’ work.

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The above sample is written with the purpose of targeting the students who need to write assignments on childcare and motivational theories for early childhood supervision. This essay sample is based on the topic of recruiting, motivating, and providing feedback to staff during childcare supervision.

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