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Inclusive v. Integrated Education differences Essay Sample 

This sample essay will focus upon the explaining inclusive and integrated education differences and their benefits for children.

Children in early childhood education years requires special needs assistance, care and education. Parents and carers are the persons closely involved in a child’s life in his early education,  learning and development.

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Inclusive and integration of education are two types of child education that can be taken up to effectively deliver lessons to a child in school. We will discuss broadly about the inclusion and integration characteristics in education and their benefits for children in early years.

Inclusive education for children in an early childhood setting 

It is an involvement of all childcare staff and children in an early childhood setting or environment. It is the merging of all special and regular education and elements of learning. All the children will have the same accessibility to learning.

Inclusive education at school allows children from all the backgrounds to benefit from the education.

Teachers are trained properly and sufficient reading and learning materials must be given to the children.

Awareness programmes must be conducted on inclusive education by the government through many initiatives.

Inclusive education includes finding out new ways and methods of teaching in the classrooms by teachers and make the overall learning process interesting for students.

It helps students in creating trust and mutual respect for teachers or carers and other children in their schools. Teachers needs to be creative in their work and in teaching new concepts that must involve all the students in the class.

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Principle features of Inclusive education for children in early years education 

  • Inclusion of all children in regular classes irrespective of their differences.
  • Treating children equally and inclusively. Encouraging and supporting them to participate in the classroom activities.
  • Designing of class, schedule and structure according to the needs of the children. Focusing upon the individual needs of child and working in the best interests of children.
  • Having a good knowledge of childhood teaching in early years and different ways of teaching to enhance strength and growth of a child.
  • Developing the individual goals of a child which may be different from each other.

Benefits of inclusive education for children in early childhood years

  • It gives equal opportunity of growth and healthy learning environment for all children without any discrimination.
  • It encourages parents involvement in lives of children and education. It creates an emotional support system for children at school and in their homes.
  • Inclusive education creates a mutual understanding, respect and affection towards each other in school. They learn from their social, cultural differences. It helps them to create strong bonds and interpersonal relationships and friendships.
  • It helps children to have their individual goals in their life and help them to work towards their weaknesses.
  • Children gets a sense of belongingness to a group or a part of community and gets them prepared for the next stage of their lives i.e. adulthood.

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Integrated education for children in an early childhood setting 

In an integrated education in early childhood education settings, students who are differently abled learn along with the other children.

Integration helps students to have a better environment and learning exposure at school. It inculcates great social values and interpersonal relationships. It also creates an exposure to educational value and creating interests in activities and social skills.

Key Benefits of integrated education for children in early childhood care 

  • Integrated education ensures inclusion of people from different cultures, backgrounds and values. It helps in self prioritizing and keeping a self respect.
  • This form of education helps the students to have a high confidence and problem solving abilities, observation and better listening skills than the other students.
  • Involvement of parents is an important aspect of this education.
  • Integration of education and classrooms helps in creating diversity and vividness in the education culture. It helps in creation of new teaching techniques, introduction of diverse courses, highly qualified staff, and diversified classrooms for students.
  • There is an effective and positive collaboration of classes and teaching. Students develop high problem solving abilities along with critical analytical skills. This interdisciplinary approach motivates children to strive towards excellence by helping them get deeper knowledge and understanding of concepts.

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Sample essay written above mentions the inclusive and integrated education system for children in early childhood care and education. It states that how children can be benefitted by introducing both the types of education in classroom.

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