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Childcare Act 1991 Ireland – Essay Sample & Example

Child Care Act 1991 is the prevailing law in Ireland related to the care of children. The act regards the welfare of the child as a principle guide. The Childcare Act 1991 section 7 sets out the role of HSE in childcare issues. It states that HSE must have regard for parent’s concerns and children’s welfare while carrying out their statutory duties. Each childcare advisory committee has access to non-personal information to provide excellent childcare and family support services. The students can take help from academic writers for writing an impressive essay.

Childcare Act 1991 Ireland - Essay Sample & Example

It is crucial to protect children who are at immediate or severe risk to health. Moreover, section 2 of the Childcare Act 1991 promotes the welfare of the child by carrying out the best interests of children in their families. The health board has the rights of the parents, the paramount consideration for the welfare of the child. Under the childcare act, the main aim of the caregivers is to coordinate information on children from all the relevant sources and help parents to care for their children. It becomes easy for the students to ask to write me an essay for a team of Irish expert writers.

What is the role of the childcare advisory committee in the Childcare Act 1991?

A health board can establish a childcare advisory committee to advise the functions under the Childcare Act 1991 and have regard to any advice suggested to it. The advisory committee of childcare should include persons with a particular interest in matters affecting children’s well-being. The committee can involve representatives of voluntary bodies providing support to the family as well as childcare services.

  • Each childcare advisory committee can report on childcare either on its initiative or after the request made by the health board under section 4 Childcare Act.
  • It becomes necessary for the advisory committee of childcare to review whether children are receiving adequate care and protection or not. By consulting with the voluntary bodies, the advisory committee can fulfill the needs of children.
  • 1996 pre-school regulations should coordinate information from all the relevant resources and provide care in the best interests of a child.

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How the Childcare Act 1991 promotes the welfare of children?

The Childcare Act 1991 states that it is the function of the health board to take essential steps for identifying children who are not able to receive proper protection. It becomes vital for the health board to maintain critical premises while providing care and protection to the child. The health board must have regard parents’ wishes to have custody of their child in the provision of childcare under the Childcare Act 2001.

Without prejudice to the Childcare Act 1991 subsection, a health board has regard to the needs of children whose parents are either missing or dead. Along with it, the health board aims to provide care to those children whose parents have abandoned them or who are homeless. Moreover, children who are at risk of ill-treated and even being neglected require proper care and protection under section 23 Childcare Act 1991. A health board can assist or other persons in researching childcare mater with the functions assigned to them under the Childcare Act 1991.

Example on Childcare Act 1991 Ireland essay

Title: How should care be provided to children who are in need?

There are a number of procedures which caregiver can use for children who are in needs or at risk. It is the responsibility of healthcare to find out illness and cause of illness among children before helping them. The advisory committee under Childcare Act 1991 regulations 2016 gave the orders to provide power to the court, including what type of care is necessary. However, the supervision order can involve the child being monitored or visited in their home. A guardian can represent the interests of the child, and the health board can make all the decisions for the welfare of children.

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