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Children’s Rights Essay Sample

Here we are showing you the sample writing on “issues related to Children’s Rights “. This sample is for students of Ireland who are pursuing courses such as Social care, child care, Nursing, Health care, or courses on Special Need Assessment. We also have free samples for the students for reference purposes.

Children’s Rights Essay Sample

Essay Sample:- Issues Related to Children’s Rights

All rights like civil, social, economic, political, and cultural rights that address the children’s vulnerability and secure them are called Children’s rights. They are entitled to all children around the world. United Nations(UN) Convention on the rights of the child declared these specific rights for all children across the globe.

List of children’s rights

1. Rights to have education

2. Access health care

3. Have protection from violence

4. Right to play

5. Right to have a safe and secure environment to live

6. Right to have recreation

are rights for children to have a standard of life. All rights prohibit all kinds of discrimination based on sex, race, or any other status. All these rights ensure their survival and enhance their potential to thrive.

In Ireland, Children means “all who are under the age of 18 are considered as children.” People under the age of 18 cannot enter legal marriage. Other rights are explained as such.

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  • Right to Education

In Ireland and most countries, the government ensures that every child gets free education at least to the primary level. In some developed countries education till high school is free or sponsored by the government. It is legally obliged for parents to ensure that they admit their children to school.

  • Right to have health care

All children have a right to have good access to healthcare in the condition of need. The parents are entitled to maintain their health and provide the healthcare needed

  • Right to have a shelter

The government must provide shelter for every child in case of no family or parents. Even parents are legally bound to take care of children and give them home till 17 years of age.

  • Prohibition of child labor

Employers cannot employ children under age 16 in regular full-time jobs. as provided under the protection of Young Persons (Employment), Act 1996 Children under the age of 14 cannot be employed. Children above the age of 14 can be employed but not in the harsh conditions of the job. They are entitled to have the minimum wages as per the labor laws of the country. They are also entitled to have social payments after the age of 16 and unemployment allowance after the age of 18.

  • Protection against sexual abuse

It is a crime under Section 3 of the Criminal Law (Sex Offences) Act 2006 as amended by to engage or attempt to have a sexual act with a child under 17 years of age. Even if the child had given consent to the sexual act it is a crime. If a child had done this crime then the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions is required for any prosecution of a child under the age of 17 years for the offense.

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  • Right of Non-discrimination

It means that children should not be discriminated against based on any religion, caste, race, ethnicity, color, or any other status. They should be having access to every opportunity to enhance their potential without any biasedness. It means equal access to healthcare, education, housing, and any other facilities important for survival.

  • The right to survival and development

Emphasizing of any government or parents should be in ensuring the basic services and equality of opportunity to the children for their development. Even a disabled child should have access to all services to gain his full potential.

  • The right to be heard

It means that every child should be heard and respected in the public. They should not feel as powerless due to the vulnerability of their age. They should be asked to make a decision that concerns them.

  • Right to have the legal assistance

Any child who faced any kind of harassment and molestation or any other kind of harm can go to the police for his/her protection and may ask for legal help in that case.

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