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Understanding Types of Research – With Example

The previous article consist of an explanation of research methods where we have developed an understanding of different research techniques. Now we will understand the different types of research.

Types of Research

The students pursuing MBA or Ph.D., from Ireland national University have confusion related to writing different types of research. In order to avoid such confusion of students, a detail explanation of the different types of research has been given in the article by an expert team of Ireland assignment help.

Before getting to know about the different types of research you need to first understand what is research?

Research Definition 

Research is basically an in-depth analysis of a particular subject or problem. It is a procedure that involves discovering and interpreting new facts about a particular phenomenon. The main objective of the research is to prove a hypothesis. Research is very much essential in both field scientific and non-scientific.  Scientists perform investigation for identifying the causes of issues and solutions for the same.

Now, let’s develop an understanding of different types of scientific research.

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What are the different types of research?

Research is categorized into two sections these are basic and Applied research.

A.) Basic research

You can perform such a type of investigation for collecting the facts for increasing knowledge about a particular field. For instance, Research performs an investigation for identifying the trends in the market.

B.) Applied research

It is a type of research that you can perform for examining and resolving the issues in real life. In such a type of research, you can use scientific techniques for resolving the issue. Applied research is helpful in analyzing the ways things are changed.

Applied research is helpful in relation to resolving the issues which have a great influence on a human being.

For instance, an investigation can be conducted for finding the treatment for disease spread due to chronic viruses.

C. ) Experimental research

Experimental research is applied research.  Such type of investigation mainly involves two variables and a group of people.  The main purpose of experimental research is to predict and control situations. You can execute such type of research for the identification of the relationship between cause and effect.

What are the different types of basic and applied research?

The basic and applied  research can be categorized into  three types  these are:

1. Qualitative research

It is an inquiry conducted for gathering information on a specific topic. By conducting the Qualitative research you will be able to acquire a huge volume of information. This type of investigation will help you in developing a good understanding of the problem.

Qualitative research allows you to analyze and sees things in a natural setting. Observing things in the natural setting is very much crucial for generating accurate results.

The few most popular techniques which are utilized for gathering facts related to the subject are survey, interview, focus group, questionnaire, observation, etc. In short, Qualitative research is a proper technique for accumulation and analysis of facts done for producing meaningful conclusions.

2. Quantitative research

In this type of investigation, the statistical and mathematical techniques you can use for gathering and analyzing numerical data. You need to include a large population of Quantitative research.

Close-ended questions are generally included in the Questionnaire. Few most popular methods which are utilized for the collection and analysis of Quantitative data include polls, online survey, and questionnaire. Descriptive research: Such type of investigation. Mainly concentrates on providing an explanation of the specific cause.

3. Mixed research 

It is a type of investigation which mainly involves a mixture of Qualitative and Quantitative research.  It includes a mixture of images and words.

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What are the other types of research?

The types of research are applied research, basic, correlation,  Qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, exploratory, explanatory, problem-solving and problem-oriented research.  Let’s have look at different types of research individually.

1. Exploratory research

It is an investigation conducted for exploring the hidden facts. The biggest drawback of such type of investigation is that you might face difficulty in reaching a specific conclusion.

You can perform such type of investigation for managing new issue which has not been analyzed earlier. It is considered as an informal investigation.

As the researcher uses secondary sources such as books, journals, and magazines for data collection. One of the biggest disadvantages of exploratory research is that the outcome is not useful for making a decision.

2. Correlational research

It is a type of investigation that students can perform for identification of the relationship between different variables of the study. It is a kind of research that you can execute for developing an understanding of the relationship between cause and effect. For example, Investigation conducted for analyzing the effect of social media on children’s studies.

3. Descriptive research 

It provides the researcher with ease in describing the attitude of people selected as participants. In descriptive research, only one variable is needed for facilitating an investigation on a particular topic. It helps you in validating the findings.  For instance, an investigation has been conducted to gather information about whether management in an organization has the right to get a share in the firm’s profit.

4. Ethnographic research

It is research conducted on people having different cultural backgrounds. The main objective of such type of investigation is to accumulate, describe and analyze information for creating a new hypothesis related to cultural behavior.
The different research techniques applied for accumulating information are interviews, questionnaires, observation, etc. Another objective of ethnographic research is to gain insight into the things which are taking place in a natural setting. By facilitating the ethnographic research researcher intend to analyze the implication that could be created from information collected.

5. Explanatory research

The objective of the study is to analyze the influence of one variable of the study on others. For instance, the Effect of the installation of new machines for creating goods on the productivity of the firm.

6. Problem-solving research:

Such type of research is performed by a special team in firms for analyzing and solving business issues

7. Problem-oriented research

This type of research is executed for developing the understanding of the nature of issue Problem-oriented research is also performed for identifying a suitable way of resolving the specific problem. The issue here refers to the selection of one option from a number of available choices.

For example: Due to inflation, there has been a great decline in the sale of Automobile companies. Now automobile company has three options available that is:

  • Increase the prices of their car
  • To decrease the profit margin
  • To invest more in marketing.

8. Causal research 

Such types of investigation are performed for developing an understanding of the relationship between cause and effect.

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