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 Control Variables Definition – Conceptual Framework:

Control variables in the conceptual framework of research are those variables that researchers can hold continuously at the time of experiments. Students studying research subjects in college often face issues in expanding the conceptual framework by including a control variable in it.

Conceptual Framework Control Variables

They also have questions about How to incorporate control variables in research. In this article, our professionals are providing a guide on control variables in the conceptual framework.

Control variables in the conceptual framework(Research Paper)

Control variables in the conceptual framework are those variables that the investigator can regulate during the experiment. It may be helpful to incorporate control variables in research, as they are not a main area of concentration.

Control variables in the conceptual framework of research have a significant influence on the dependent variable. It is a third variable whose influence can be either controlled or eliminated. Control variables in the study are more important than independent or dependent variables. These variables also could have a great influence on research results.

What is the consequence of omitting control variables from research?

In case you omit control variables from the study, then the research result obtained will be less accurate. You can include the control variable in your study when you intend to prove the relationship between cause and effect by using statistical analysis.

It is very much important for you to incorporate the control variable in a conceptual framework the case when you are using experimental research design in your research. If in case you fail to include the control variable in research consisting of experimental research design then there could be a high threat to internal validity.

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Example of control variables in the conceptual Framework

A researcher is performing an investigation to analyze the influence of studying hours on exam scores.

Example 1 : The student name Smith puts all its efforts into achieving a good rank in class. He studies many hours for getting high grades in exams. Now let us add a control variable for example. The control variable which we can add is “Health”.  there can be an argument that in case students feel sick, then he will not able to study for long hours that further have an adverse influence on exam scores.

In this example, it is the health factor that is the control variable that influences the dependent variable in the study.

In case, you intend to perform a survey among students for demonstrating statistically that there is indeed a relationship between cause-effect that is between hours of study and score of the exam.

During the survey, you can ask students about their health. If in case you did not include a control variable that is health in your survey then you will face difficulty in demonstrating the relationship between cause-effect.

Example 2:  a good example of the control variable is temperature. If the researcher holds temperature constant at the time of the experiment then it is a controlled variable.


It has been concluded from the study that control variables in the conceptual framework have great importance. Another fact that has been concluded from the above is that control variables have a great effect on results.

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